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Real-world Positive Behavioral Reinforcement with CritterCoin (PBIS)

This is a growing collection of articles that provide real-world insights from teachers using CritterCoin. These articles focus on the practical aspects of encouraging positive behaviors, fostering a growth mindset and goal setting using CritterCoin as your PBIS solution.

6 Benefits of CritterCoin

Discover six ways that CritterCoin can help with positive behaviors.

Planning your CritterCoin Rollout

A few simple steps to introduce PBIS to your school.

The Power of the Coin

Introducing a new and better way to do things in the digital age through digital incentives.

Digital Incentives

Let's explore how CritterCoin creates digital incentives that save time and money and increase academic engagement.

Students, Accountability and Responsibility

One thing that I try to hit home with my students is how important it is to be accountable and responsible for the things we do in life.

Parent Involvement in the Digital World

Parent Involvement can help bridge the gaps in their student’s education with CritterCoin using parent accounts