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Real-world Positive Behavioral Reinforcement with CritterCoin (PBIS)

This is a growing collection of articles that provide real-world insights from teachers using CritterCoin. These articles focus on the practical aspects of encouraging positive behaviors, fostering a growth mindset and goal setting using CritterCoin as your PBIS solution.

Exploring the CritterCoin Metaverse

Shaping Positive Student Behavior!

Discover Funding Assistance

Explore Federal programs to fund your CritterCoin service!

Introducing Emotion Tracking

Effortlessly super-charge your school's PBIS/SEL!

Empowering Title I Success

Unlock the potential of Title I funding with CritterCoin!

Introducing Instant PBIS Setup using AI

Configure CritterCoin in Seconds!

Four BIG reasons why I switched from ClassDojo to CritterCoin

As a 6th grade teacher, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to motivate my students.

6 Benefits of CritterCoin

Discover six ways that CritterCoin can help with positive behaviors.

Why Our School Chose CritterCoin Over Other PBIS Systems

Our school-wide switch to CritterCoin for PBIS.

From Manual PBIS to automatic with CritterCoin

Why Automated PBIS is the Way to Go

Planning your CritterCoin Rollout

A few simple steps to introduce PBIS to your school.

The Power of the Coin

Introducing a new and better way to do things in the digital age through digital incentives.

Digital Incentives

Let's explore how CritterCoin creates digital incentives that save time and money and increase academic engagement.

Students, Accountability and Responsibility

One thing that I try to hit home with my students is how important it is to be accountable and responsible for the things we do in life.

Parent Involvement in the Digital World

Parent Involvement can help bridge the gaps in their student’s education with CritterCoin using parent accounts.

Under One Roof

While we know that your students are already champions to you, CritterCoin is here to boost their experience as champions by taking the House System to a digital format.

Introducing CritterCoin Quests!

Welcome to CritterCoin Quests where automating your PBIS system just got much better!

The Benefits of Quests in PBIS

Leverage reusable workflows (Quests) to improve positive behaviors.

Impress Your School's Visitors

How Our School-wide Digital System Stole the Show.

The Top 6 things my students love about CritterCoin

Six reasons why my job got a little easier.

Creative Ideas for Rewards in the School-wide Rewards Store

Make Rewarding Fun with These Ideas.

Real-World Examples of How CritterCoin Has Improved PBIS in Schools

A few real-world examples.

Ideas for PBIS Coins

Get creative and maximize your students' potential.

Using CritterCoin Data Insights to Improve Your PBIS Program

How CritterCoin Can Help You Analyze and Improve Your PBIS Program

Introducing Groundbreaking AI for Education

ChatGPT for Schools!

Student Flags for PBIS

Label, identify, and take specific actions to ensure student success

CritterCoin and ESSER Funding

Improve your School with ESSER funding