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CritterCoin offers both a Houses and Reward Store rolled up in a super simple, easy to use solution. CritterCoin allows you to build your solution around your school's goals and culture, not the pre-designed methodology created by RCA Houses.
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RCA Houses Limitations

RCA Houses Houses and Rewards features can be expensive
RCA Houses pricing for just houses starts at $2,400.00 per year, and doesn't even support a Reward Store or collectibles. CritterCoin offers a more complete Houses and Reward System for free - for an unlimited number of teachers!
RCA Houses is designed around Ron Clark's Methodology - not your School's
RCA Houses promotes prenamed houses such as Reveur, Altruismo, Isibindi and Amistad. CritterCoin makes it very easy for you to create and design you own houses!
RCA Houses promotes Ron Clark's student chants and dances
We don't try to shoe-horn your school into an obscure ritual. CritterCoin enhances your school's culture.
RCA Houses doesn't support QR Codes
CritterCoin QR codes allow teachers to quickly select students with a simple scan. No manual searching or even knowing the student's name is required.
RCA Houses is a points only system
With CritterCoin, you design custom branded 3D collectible coins each worth a point value. Coins are typically named for your desired behaviors. Teachers simply send digital collectible coins to students when they exhibit those behaviors.
RCA Houses doesn't actively engage parents
With CritterCoin teachers can send coins home to parents. Parents can use the coins at home to motivate their student to be their best out of school.