Make a House System in 30 minutes

What are the benefits of a House system?

House systems create a spirit of teamwork and inclusion for students. They increase student engagement as well as provide consistent positive reinforcement. With CritterCoin you will be able to measure and improve student morale, behavior and learning over time. Most importantly, CritterCoin is fast and easy for teachers to use day-to-day!
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Quick definitions

House - A House is a grouping of students. Schools will typically have 3 or 4 Houses named after people or characteristics they admire.
Coin - Each desired behavior or learning outcome that is to be rewarded is modeled as a digital coin. Coins have a point value based on their importance. Teachers give out Coins to reward students.
Point - When students earn Coins, their House earns points equal to the Coin's value.
Round - A round is a period of time for which scores are kept, usually a week. Houses collect points during each Round and at the end of the Round, the House with the most points wins! Data is collected automatically on a Round by Round basis.

Let's make your House system!

Sign into your CritterCoin admin account to get started. These steps assume that you have already added your teachers and students into your CritterCoin account.

Create your Coins!

  1. Make a list of all learning outcomes and behaviors that you want to encourage. Create short, friendly names for each of these. Create descriptions that tell students what they need to do to earn the coin.
  2. Determine the relative importance of each Coin, on a scale of 1-3, the higher being the most important.
  3. Create a Coin in the CritterCoin Admin Portal for each of these using your information from steps 1 and 2.

Create your Houses!

  1. Decide how many houses you want to have at your school. Come up with a short creative name, choose a representative color and logo for each. Add these Houses in your CritterCoin Admin Portal.
  2. Decide how long your Rounds will be. We recommend 7 day Rounds. Configure this in your CritterCoin Admin Portal Settings. House Rounds on Auto will automatically reset at the end of each round!
  3. Place your students into Houses. You can place students randomly into houses, allow them to choose their House or use any other means to group your students.. We recommend your Houses have a roughly equal number of students.

That's it!

Now your teachers can use CritterCoin web or mobile apps to send your Coins to students when they demonstrate your school's desired behaviors!

CritterCoin is a free and friendly RCA Houses alternative, LiveSchool Houses alternative, and a great way to enhance your school's PBIS.