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Introducing Instant PBIS Setup using AI

Configure CritterCoin in Seconds!

We know that the summer is heating up, and so are things here at CritterCoin; say hello to our new AI Set-Up Wizard ✨ Using a new platform in your classroom can be an overwhelming experience. Not only are you trying to familiarize yourself with the product, but you also have to set up everything for successful implementation. Getting started with our new AI Set-Up Wizard provides your school with personable house systems, coins, and a rewards store to get your PBIS system off the ground within seconds! Let's dive right in.
CritterCoin AI Setup for PBIS

How does it work?

It is super simple! The first thing is to tell us about your school! Copy and paste your school's mission statement into the textbox. Our AI takes that information to create custom coins, houses, and settings, so you don't have to spend much time on this step.

Our AI Set-Up Wizard Creates…

Customized Coins: You are given a list of suggested coins that all have the coin name, coin description, the coin's value, and high-quality image. Another significant part of this process is that you can choose as many or as few coins as possible to fit your school's PBIS needs.

Customized Houses: Similar to your experiences with coins, houses work similarly. You are given a suggested house name with a creative name and color ready to go! Feel free to choose as many houses as you need. Also, change your image, name, and color later if you can't find what you want. We have added many animal images to our library for your needs in Edit Theme in your "Houses" section.

Settings: In this part of the set-up wizard, we can automatically place your students into your houses. Especially if you have a campus with over 1,000 students, this will save you so much time! Also, in this step, you can set the frequency of when points are reset. This step will vary based on the structure your campus has.

We Value Your Time 🕐

From attending an unannounced professional development during your lunch or solving a behavior problem that requires extra documentation, we know how limited your time can be. Of course, the goal is to have an incredible PBIS system, and we are ensuring you have a platform that saves and respects your time.