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CritterCoin adds Houses and a Rewards Store to your points system. Get your students more engaged than ever with customizable houses and rewards a well as collectible coins and critters! CritterCoin is great for students of all ages.
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ClassDojo Limitations

ClassDojo lacks a way for schools to launch a consistent SEL or PBIS program
With ClassDojo, teachers all do their own thing. There is no central management or strategy, rules or coordinated rewards. CritterCoin allows schools to design a consistent plan school-wide.
The graphics in ClassDojo are designed for very young students
CritterCoin allows you to design your Houses and rewards, complete with custom logos. You can also design custom branded 3D collectible coins to reinforce your school's values.
Giving out points in ClassDojo can be time consuming for teachers
Imagine a teacher in the cafeteria or other common area that wants to give a point to a student in the school, but they don't know their name. The teacher must ask the student's name, look them up manually in the directory and then issue the point. With CritterCoin the teacher can simply scan the student's QR code and they are automatically selected!
ClassDojo doesn't provide any way to analyze data across multiple classes
With ClassDojo every teacher is an island, and their data is too. With CritterCoin you can see your schools data and drive improvement school-wide.
ClassDojo doesn't have a Rewards Store
If your school runs a point driven rewards store, with ClassDojo you'll be handling balances manually since it doesn't include rewards. With CritterCoin student balances are managed automatically and even supports secure student operated Rewards Store!
ClassDojo promotes paid services to parents
With CritterCoin parents get access to their child's achievements for free. Our Premium Parental Access feature, licensed by the school, even allows parents to give out coins at home!