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CritterCoin delivers improved ease of use, more engaging visuals and makes it easier than ever for teachers. Use our exciting customization options and collectibles to get students more engaged than ever.
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LiveSchool Limitations

LiveSchool Houses and Rewards features can be expensive
LiveSchool pricing for Houses and Rewards starts at $990.00 per year. If you have more than 10 teachers it is even more. CritterCoin offers a more powerful Houses and Reward System for free - for an unlimited number of teachers!
Houses in LiveSchool don't support logos and have a 16 color palette
Engagement is key in any House System. Part of that includes the ability to create your own House Logos. CritterCoin gives you total design freedom and millions of colors to choose from!
Giving out points in LiveSchool can be time consuming for teachers
Imagine a teacher in the cafeteria or other common area that wants to give a point to a student in the school, but they don't know their name. The teacher must ask the student's name, look them up manually in the directory and then issue the point. With CritterCoin the teacher can simply scan the student's QR code and they are automatically selected!
LiveSchool has an uninspiring points-only, non-graphical approach
With LiveSchool students earn points in various categories. This utilitarian approach doesn't spark the students' imaginations. CritterCoin allows teachers to give collectible 3D coins that you design! Student's can collect and show off their coin collection with other students or their parents. Coins can be created to reward behaviors, extracurricular events and even club memberships!
Rewards in LiveSchool don't support icons or images
With CritterCoin, browsing your reward store is fun and re-inforces your school's branding and identity. You create the rewards using any graphic you would like!
LiveSchool doesn't proactively engage parents
LiveSchool offers parents weekly static updates or notifcations. With CritterCoin Teachers can get parents actively involved day-to-day. Our Dailies feature allows Teachers to delegate coins to parents each night with a task. The parent can determine if the coin should be give or not!