About CritterCoin

CritterCoin is RedCritter’s latest edtech solution, launched in early 2022. CritterCoin is a free Houses System with Rewards Store for easily implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in schools and classrooms. For more than a decade, RedCritter has worked closely with our community of educators. CritterCoin delivers what they asked for: fast daily use that doesn’t interrupt the flow of teaching, the elimination of paperwork, and positive encouragement for learners of all ages. CritterCoin helps schools maximize successful student outcomes by creating a positive learning environment where connection, optimism, and learning readiness are supported.

CritterCoin is the first platform to offer digital collectible coins and NFTs as incentives for student behavior. RedCritter holds over 24 patents in edtech, and its mission is to use these exciting new technologies to give teachers a free and easy way to encourage positive classroom behavior and school values.

How it works...
  • Setup is simple with CritterCoin import or ClassLink integration.
  • Schools create custom, 3D coins representing behaviors they want to encourage and assign point values to each.
  • Schools design their Houses with custom names, colors, and logos. Houses are cooperative teams of students.
  • Schools create rewards for their Reward Store.
  • Teachers award the coins to students in recognition of positive behaviors.
  • Awarded coins automatically increase the student’s Reward Store balance and contribute to their House score.
  • Students can spend their points in the Reward Store at any time.
  • When a House Round ends, typically a one-week period, CritterCoin automatically issues digital collectible Critters of various rarity to every student in the top-scoring house.
  • Students can convert their collectible digital Critters to NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain.

As schools and districts around the world launch PBIS initiatives, CritterCoin is there to help teachers bring those concepts to life in the classroom in a way that’s fun and free.