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CritterCoin and ESSER Funding

Improve your School with ESSER funding

CritterCoin: Leveraging ESSER Funding for Educational Excellence

Educational institutions across the nation are actively seeking innovative solutions to make the most of their ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) funding. CritterCoin provides a powerful platform that perfectly aligns with ESSER objectives and offers optional add-ons to further enhance your school's efforts.

Why Choose CritterCoin with ESSER Funding?

CritterCoin is a versatile platform designed to foster positive behavior, student engagement, and holistic educational growth, making it an ideal choice for ESSER funding utilization. Here's how:

Add-ons for Enhanced ESSER Alignment

CritterCoin offers a range of optional add-ons to further tailor the platform to your school's specific objectives. These add-ons align with ESSER requirements and can enhance the overall effectiveness of your ESSER funding utilization:

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