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Real-World Examples of How CritterCoin Has Improved PBIS in Schools

A few real-world examples

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a school-wide approach to improve student behavior and academic outcomes. It is a framework that schools use to teach, model, and reinforce positive behaviors to promote a positive school culture. CritterCoin, a digital behavior management system, has been proven to enhance PBIS implementation in schools. In this article, we will explore real-world examples of how CritterCoin has improved PBIS in schools.

Example 1: Increased Student Engagement

One school in California implemented CritterCoin as a way to improve student engagement in PBIS. Teachers found that the digital rewards and instant feedback provided by CritterCoin motivated students to exhibit positive behaviors. For example, students were eager to earn CritterCoins for helping a classmate, completing homework on time, or exhibiting leadership skills. As a result, the school saw an increase in positive behaviors, as well as a decrease in negative behaviors.

Example 2: Enhanced School Culture

A school in Ohio used CritterCoin to enhance its school culture. The school's PBIS team developed a variety of digital rewards that could be redeemed using CritterCoins. Some of the rewards included extra recess time, a homework pass, extra lab time, and a chance to have lunch with the principal. The students were excited to earn CritterCoins and redeem them for rewards, which created a positive and supportive school culture.

Example 3: Improved Teacher-Student Relationships

A school in Texas implemented CritterCoin to improve teacher-student relationships. Teachers found that the immediate feedback provided by CritterCoin helped them reinforce positive behaviors and build stronger relationships with their students. Teachers also used CritterCoin to reward students who showed improvement in their behavior, which helped to build a growth mindset among the students.

Example 4: Streamlined Data Collection

One school in Illinois used CritterCoin to streamline its data collection process. The school's PBIS team used CritterCoin's data analytics tools to track student behavior and identify trends. The team found that they could easily identify which behaviors were most prevalent and which needed the most attention. This allowed the team to develop targeted interventions to address the needs of the students.

CritterCoin has proven to be an effective tool for enhancing PBIS implementation in schools. From increased student engagement to improved teacher-student relationships, CritterCoin has a positive impact on school culture and student behavior. By providing digital rewards, instant feedback and data analytics tools, CritterCoin helps schools to create a positive and supportive environment that fosters academic and social-emotional growth.