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Impress Your School's Visitors

How Our School-wide Digital System Stole the Show

As a teacher, I recently had the pleasure of giving a tour of our school to the parents of one of my 6th grade students. While the primary purpose of the tour was to introduce the parents to their child's teachers, I couldn't help but notice how impressed they were with our school-wide digital PBIS system, CritterCoin.

The moment they walked in, the parents mentioned that they could feel the student energy from the bustle in the entry. As we walked down the hallway, we passed by a group of students cheering as their House took the lead on the giant monitor that displayed the House scores. The parents were amazed by the technology and real-time nature of the House System and especially the enthusiasm of the students.

As we continued our tour, the parents were able to actually see their child earn a digital Coin in her Math class. They loved the idea that their child's positive behavior was being rewarded so frequently and they mentioned how their child loves to come home and show-off every new coin.

Finally, we arrived at the principal's waiting area, where the large screen displayed real-time updates on the school's overall school engagement. The parents were blown away by the cohesive, school-wide digital system that CritterCoin provided. They could see the benefits of having immediate feedback and the impact it had on the teachers and students.

Overall, CritterCoin stole the show during the school tour. It showcased our school's dedication to student engagement and improvement, and left a lasting impression on the parents. I'm proud to be part of a school that utilizes such a comprehensive and innovative system, and I know that it will continue to impress anyone who visits our school for years to come.