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Introducing CritterCoin Quests!

Welcome to CritterCoin Quests where automating your PBIS system just got much better!

Welcome to CritterCoin Quests where automating your PBIS system just got much better! We are excited to share this new feature with you to create ease while increasing desired behaviors in your classrooms and minimizing less desired behaviors. With Spring Fever and Summer right around the corner and this will benefit your class!

What are Quests?

Quests are here to solve real-world problems in the classroom, automate the process of sending coins/points, increase engagement, and collaborate with students, teachers, and parents. Living in the post-pandemic world, the atmosphere of education is evolving quicker than we think it is. Student engagement has drastically changed, parents want to be more involved in the learning process, and data/documentation has become a necessity for us in some way, shape, or form. CritterCoin Quests are a great way to help facilitate this evolution of education we are going through.

How Quests Are Used

Now that we have an overview of what a Quest is, let's break down how it can be used in your classroom and school!

  1. Direct, Intentional, and Collaborative Support: Quests are completely tailored to your instructional, academic, communal, and SEL needs. Your options of where to use a Quest can work outside of the classroom too. Within a Quest, students can:
    • Complete problems with answers you can create.
    • Include a timer to have students work within a certain time limit.
    • Watch/Integrate videos to watch for a lesson.
    • Have a school counselor, another teacher, school administrator, and/or parents sign off for a certain task.
    These are just a couple of the awesome things you can use Quests for!
  2. Automate the Process of Sending Coins & Points: CritterCoin already provides an easy way to give coins, points, and rewards. However, when adding tasks to complete for points, can sometimes slow down the process of rewarding students. Quests are here to automate this process easily! In a quest, once a student completes a task, students have the opportunity to earn points for their house and coins to use in your rewards store once they have correctly completed the necessary tasks. One thing I love about this feature is that if a student doesn't complete a certain task correctly, they won't earn the incentive that is being given. This makes students aware that they need to succeed to be rewarded for their accurate work.
  3. Documentation & Proof of Work: While students are completing their Quest, there is a transcript of student progression. This will include if they passed, failed, or need additional steps to complete their work. One of the great things about having a digital footprint is that once something has been recorded on the computer, it becomes a living breathing document. View the completion of student Quests, save the screen as a document, and use it as data/documentation. This can be used in Parent Teacher Conferences, ARD Meetings, 504 Meetings, & IEP Meetings. This data can be used anywhere from academics to behavior.
  4. Increase Engagement & Develop Relationships: Another great thing about Quests is that it allows more of the collaboration and engagement you are looking for. No matter if you are engaging other staff members, counselors, parents, and/or other community members; you are going to start to build stronger relationships. These small digital opportunities will pay off in building relationships for the future.

So where can you find this? Great question! You can look under the subscriptions tab (on the left side when in Admin mode) to add this feature. We would be happy to start you off with a free trial, just go there and click “Free Trial”.

Moving Forward, Together

As time is progressing, I believe It is now time to move past the phrase “Because of the Pandemic”. While there was a loss of education, and most importantly loved ones, it's time to start pushing forward and filling the gaps for success from all parties involved. The world of education feels vulnerable and fresh which can cause uncertainty/fear. However, let us use this as an opportunity for growth and change just as we reconstructed the education system itself at the beginning of the pandemic! Let CritterCoin be a part of this new journey!

Join us next time as we dive deeper into Quest by building a Quest together!