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Groundbreaking AI for Education

Introducing ChatGPT for Schools

If you haven’t heard already, RedCritter has launched a groundbreaking update to CritterCoin that could evolve how educators can use AI in their classrooms. CritterCoin is the first and only PBIS app for schools that is supported by ChatGPT! This is something that should be welcomed with excitement rather than fear of how this can help promote positive behaviors campus-wide. If you need a little guidance on where to start, this is the perfect place to be.
Let’s take a dive into the new world of AI at CritterCoin to get your classroom on the right track!

What is AI & how does it work for educators?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just the digital assistants that we use in our everyday lives. These assistants range from Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. You know the list can go on! AI can also help in the form of finding patterns, automating how data is gathered, in addition to how data is analyzed.

Create Intervention & Preventative Plans for students that need PBIS support

One thing that I know all educators have is the gift to have plans A-Z ready on the spot for any type of situation. Regardless of the "status" of your students, Tier 1, 2, or 3, AI Quests at CritterCoin can facilitate your normal plans, intervention plans, and your preventative plans! This is a great opportunity to include this in a student’s file such as MTSS/PBIS Plans, 504 Plans, IEPs, etc.

Disclaimer: "All students" isn’t how we label students as teachers. They will always of course be "our students" regardless of the challenges that they face in the world.

TIER 1 - Interview & Quiz for House Points

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Tier 1 students, I love to give them optional/additional work that is curious, challenging, can push their minds, and that is super fun/engaging!

Doing this with an interesting character that is related, or unrelated, to the content in your classroom. For example, students can interview Katherine Johnson for 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes, you can have students ask Katherine what impact she had on science and take a short quiz after that to earn points for their house.

This can act as something fun, and challenging, and can earn something to benefit them. Psssst! You can also have our AI system write the quiz and answers for you too 😉

TIER 2 - Review the topic with a tutor for major rewards

I find that if you incentivize a review, with major rewards of some sort, Tier 2 students have the ability to succeed. Typically there are certain skills that need a little extra review and practice. I have been guilty of making this review not as engaging but with AI technology this can turn things around.

Doing a review about operations with an AI tutor or AI-created quiz, students have the ability to work independently while earning big rewards! These can range from a certain amount of coins, house points, or rewards from the CritterCoin Rewards Store. If you also find that these students need a brain break in the middle of their Quest, this will promote a positive association with their learning process.

Another great tip for this student category is to include a sign-off for a parent to see their great work done in class. This builds the confidence they need to be pushed into that Tier 1 category.

TIER 3 - Tutor with a student’s favorite character for coins/incentives

This is a great place to start for our Tier 3 students. Students in this category are at high risk and sometimes live a life that they didn’t choose. Build a quest around their favorite character in a subject that they are struggling with. This gives them an opportunity to escape from reality a little bit and enjoy a cool conversation with Beyonce, Van Gough, or even MLK Jr.

Not only do students have the ability to earn incentives such as coins, but these Quests also are super easy to make and will save you time! It is a win-win!

New Tech, Same Amazing Teachers ✨

I know that was a lot but I know that you are going to do great by implementing these into your classroom. Like I always mention, education is in a transition. Let’s give AI-powered tools a chance to enhance student learning but that still honors the integrity of our craft; that integrity being our students.