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Why Our School Chose CritterCoin Over Other PBIS Systems

Our school-wide switch to CritterCoin for PBIS

I was thrilled when we made the switch to CritterCoin from ClassDojo as our primary Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system. We had also reviewed RCA Houses and LiveSchool, but we found that CritterCoin's FREE version had many features that the others simply did not!

Customizable Houses and School-Wide Rewards

One of the features that drew us to CritterCoin was the ability to fully customize our Houses with unique names, logos, and colors. This made the House System much more engaging for our students, and we saw an increase in school spirit and collaboration as a result.

Another aspect that we loved was the built-in School Wide Rewards Store, where students could spend their hard-earned Reward Points on items like school supplies, special privileges like a chance to have lunch with the principal. This incentivized students to work even harder to earn more CritterCoins and provided a tangible way to reward positive behavior school-wide.

Affordable Price

Another reason we chose CritterCoin was the price. As a public school, we have to be mindful of our budget, and CritterCoin was by far the most affordable, Free, option for our needs. Although we did soon after upgrade to all the premium options once we were familiar with the basics. CritterCoin includes a free trial for every premium add-on so we had a chance to preview everything. There are a wide variety of premium options, and not all schools need them all, so the trials were key in boosting our confidence in the value of each option.

Flexibility with Custom Coins

Finally, we appreciated the flexibility that CritterCoin provided us with its limitless custom coin design option. We were able to create unique coins for specific behaviors and events, keeping the system fresh and exciting for students throughout the year.

CritterCoin has been an excellent PBIS system for our school due to its customizable Houses, built-in School Wide Rewards Store, affordable price, and flexibility with custom coins. If you're considering a PBIS system for your school, we highly recommend giving CritterCoin a try.