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Digital Incentives for BIG Rewards

How CritterCoin Can Help with Digital Incentives

If there is one thing that students love, it's rewards to be honest! Keeping your students motivated throughout the school year can be tricky, especially when there is a hidden expectation that we have to buy everything for our students. Let’s explore how CritterCoin creates digital incentives that save time and money and increase academic engagement.

Building Incentives into Classroom Culture

Please raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by spending more than your "$200" tax return reimbursement. Yes, I see some of you hiding at this point in the article. An incentive to a student is something extra they don't typically have. It is something that gives me a little extra joy in their day. Sometimes we go straight to the idea of food and candy. I have fallen into this category often, so there is no shame, but let’s grow a little!

Rewards and Incentives with CritterCoin

CritterCoin is a product that implements House System, Rewards Store, and additional features to support Positive Behavior Intervention Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Students earn rewards by being recognized by a teacher from Coins and Collectibles. Coins can then be used to purchase items in your classroom. Rewards are the incentives that your students want!

Using CritterCoin, there are two main ways to set up your rewards system. You can do that with our awesome Set-Up Wizard or create it through your admin account. Creating them in your admin account gives you the full ability to create those special incentives that can include:

Creating a Classroom of Reality

An incentive is something EXTRA, but that does not mean it is required! This incentive can be given on many social or academic aspects. For this article, put yourself in the position of maintaining strong classroom management, expectations, and engagement while creating incentives. Rather than have a “Dream Classroom,” let’s create a 100% real classroom! You don’t have to raise your voice or put on your best teacher stare. Let’s build this classroom together one lesson, or tear, at a time.

See us next time to discuss student accounts and how they open the doors of personal accountability!

Brainstorm Idea: What is one thing your students love off the top of your head other than food or candy? Can this be incentivized? How can you make this embedded into your classroom culture? YOU GOT THIS!