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The Top 6 things my students love about CritterCoin

Six reasons why my job got a little easier

Here's why I was so excited to use CritterCoin... the Top 6 things my students love about it:

  1. The Coins: My students love collecting Coins for good behavior, completing Quests and demonstrating positive character traits. Some of their favorites include the "Superstar Student" Coin and the "Helping Hands" Coin.
  2. The Rewards: With the built-in School Wide Rewards store, my students can use their Coins to purchase prizes and experiences. They love being able to choose what they want to work towards, whether it's a pizza party or a fun field trip.
  3. The House System: My students enjoy being part of a House team and working together to earn House Points. They take pride in their House colors and logos and love seeing their House take the lead on the giant monitor in the hallway.
  4. The Quests: My students love the excitement of completing Quests for Coins. From solving math problems to writing essays, they love the challenge and the reward at the end.
  5. The Instant Feedback: CritterCoin's real-time nature allows my students to receive instant feedback for their behavior and character. They love hearing the "ding" sound when they earn a Coin or complete a Quest.
  6. Critter NFTs: Every student in the weekly winning House gets a potentially rare digital collectible Critter NFT as a prize for their victory. This really incentivizes students to work together and support their House.

CritterCoin has been a game changer in my classroom. It's given me a real way to motivate my students and keep them engaged in a fun and positive way. I can't wait myself to see what Coins and Quests my school will come up with next!