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Digital Coins

Design custom coins and give them to students as a reward for positive behavior. Your school's coins have point values that contribute to House scores and Reward Store balances.

House System

Run an engaging House Point system. It's easy to give points to Houses and students, just give out Digital Coins when students exhibit positive behavior. CritterCoin will track your House points in real-time.

Reward Store

Students can earn points to spend in your School Rewards Store. CritterCoin will manage student balances. CritterCoin even supports student-run school stores with scannable vouchers.

Add Premium Features

Data Insights
$99.99 per school per mo.
Analyze the points distributed, compare from round to round. View utilization by teacher and more!
Houses Display
$49.99 per screen per mo.
Cast your Houses to a large screen as a public digital scoreboard. Showcase house and student achievements in realtime!
Parent Access
$99.99 per school per mo.
Parents can access their child's achievements and monitor their improvement from round to round!
$29.99 per mo.
Allow students to earn coins by scanning QR codes that your teachers create.
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School Safety Included: Interrupt any public screen showing Houses, Data Insights or Scannables with important announcements.

Collectible Critters!

Every time a House wins a round at your School, CritterCoin will issue a collectible Critter to every member of the House! Students can earn these over time and try to collect full sets. Older students can even withdraw them as real blockchain NFTs and keep them forever!

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CritterCoin FAQ

CritterCoin is Free? What's the catch?
Yes, CritterCoin is free for schools and teachers forever! There is no catch and we don't sell, give out any data or allow any third parties to advertise.
How does CritterCoin make money?
We offer optional Premium Features, including Data Insights, Houses Display, Parental Access and more! They are all designed to make your CritterCoin experience even better!
Does the free version include Houses and a Reward Store?
Yes, CritterCoin includes Houses and a Reward Store for every school.
Why does CritterCoin use digital Coins?
While other systems use badges, we are pioneering digital coins. Our research shows students love collecting coins more than badges.
What do the Coins represent?
Coins are fully customizable and usually represent behaviors your school wants to encourage. Your school can design custom coins depending on your program's goals.
How does Critter work day-to-day?
It's easy. Teachers simply send coins to students to reward desired behaviors! That's it! House points and Reward balances are automatically managed.
Are students required to have logins or email addresses?
No. You add the data you want and depending on what you provide certain features will become available.
What are the Critters in CritterCoin?
Critters are digital collectibles of varing rarity. The standard set of Critters are digital images of various types of house pets in collectible groups.
How do students earn new Critters?
Students earn a new Critter everytime their House wins a round.
How long do House rounds last?
It's up to your school. You can configure House Rounds to last any number of days. We recommend a 7 day round.
Does the admin have to manually end House Rounds?
If you school's House Rounds are set on a fixed interval CritterCoin will automatically close rounds and reset your scores and data.
Does CritterCoin support blockchain NFTs?
Yes! For older students familiar with NFTs, they can export their Critters as real NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain!
Where can I learn more?
Check out our quickstart guides for Administators, Teachers and Students
Can I import my teachers and students?
Absolutely! You can import by pasting your data from a spreadsheet or use our automatic ClassLink synchronization!

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