The Fast and Easy House Points App

Sending a coin

Send Points

Teachers reward desired behaviors, effort and outcomes by sending coins to students.
Student home screen

View Houses

Students see House points update every time someone earns a coin.
Reward Store Items

Buy Rewards

Every coin earned increases the student's reward store balance.

Level Up with Scan-to-Earn

$29.99 per mo.
Allow students to earn coins by scanning QR codes that your teachers create.
Instead of sending a coin immediately, convert it into a QR Code! When students scan it, they will earn the coin.
School Safety Included: Interrupt any public screen showing Houses, Data Insights or Scannables with important announcements.

Automatically Issue Collectible Critters

Students in the winning house automatically receive a digital collectible Critter of varying rarities at the end of every round. Promote consistent student effort and achievement by encouraging students to earn full sets! Critters can be converted to real NFTs on the Avalance blockchain!
3:28 PM 7/28/2022